Letters to Wright-Way

Client: Wright-Way Rescue
Written and Directed by Darren Lee & Haitao Zeng
Edited by Darren Lee
Still Images: Jacoby Duckworth

On October 2nd, a school bus crashed through the front of Wright-Way Rescue, leaving its animals in need of a new place to stay. Fortunately, all volunteers and pets were safe. The building however, was not savable.

Without much time to prepare, I hastily gathered my equipment and I was on my way to Chicago the following morning. There were countless volunteers by the time I arrived; the support from the community was overwhelming.

This video is the outcome of the event:


Client: Wright-Way Rescue
Directed and Edited by Darren Lee


Directed and Edited by Darren Lee
Narrated by Alicia Sheldon

Alicia Sheldon has been in love with radio her entire life. Her passion for the medium came from her late father, Tom Sheldon, a legendary radio host in Southern Illinois. Tom raised Alicia in the radio station with love and devotion, bringing her to co-host during summer vacation. After Tom’s unfortunate passing, Alicia followed his footsteps and took over hosting duties for her father at just 16 years old.

This video is dedicated to my dear friend, Alicia and her family.